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When sky will meet horizon
When path will reach destination
When hope will taste reality
When compassion will flow seamlessly
Heaven will be surely replacing the earth…

~ Chandan


Published by ✍️ Chandan Singh

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23 thoughts on “Heaven

  1. AH now i got it YASS, i thought a lot lot lot A LOT and my brain started running and IT RAN TOOO FAST that NOW it is gone so far! and unable to come back (maybe it is lost) *i know it’s not making any sense* LOL (Truly, when you don’t understand anything but still appreciate other’s works)
    P.S. GREAT written! XD

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  2. Indeed:
    Earth becomes Heaven when one sees what you said here itself and even within oneself.
    Inside the heart ❤️
    Thank you so much for sharing beautiful thoughts 💗
    Best wishes 😊

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